Fishing in Florida

Florida is an excellent fishing place due to its climate and the many sweet spots of freshwater and saltwater. These two characteristics offer fishermen a large palette of choices when it comes to fishing and nature in general. It doesn’t matter if you come here with family, friends, work colleagues, if you love fishing from a boat or from the land, you can find something that will satisfy you and those accompanying you.


The great tourist offer associated with fishing in Florida gives birth to a high competition between providers and so, to fairly affordable prices in this sector, thus, even those who want to go on a low budget trip can pamper themselves by visiting many exquisite fishing locations, where they can test their skills in almost any type of fishing. If you decide to give the Everglades a try, you may want to know that the reservation offers a myriad of options for anglers. You get the opportunity to fish in freshwater and saltwater, from a kayak, boat or from the shore. You can also pick from fishing in organized settings or into the wild, in which case you must secure optimal transport means and gear. As the waters abound in various fish species, organizing your equipment accordingly is a mandatory requirement, if you want to leave the reservation with a good catch.


As Florida’s temperatures are hard to handle, especially if you are not a local, your main concern, or if you’re taking your kids with you should be protecting yourself and them from the powerful action of the sun. As such, sunscreen with an elevated SPF and that is waterproof, comfortable clothes that will provide proper ventilation, sun hats and sunglasses are not to be considered a holiday contrivance, but mandatory items to take with you. In addition, even if you come fully protected against the heat, during the afternoon, when temperatures reach extremely high values, you should stay in the shadow and avoid the sun at all costs.


However, the Everglades is not the only place where you can go on a fishing trip, as the state is overfilled with dozens of opportunities for those interested in this sport. If you want to experience Florida’s best fishing spots, I would recommend a specialized guide or getting in touch with a local, thus being given the opportunity to get to know a few places off the tourist maps and routes. The presence of a guide is all the more important if you are at your first visit to Florida, so that you are able to enjoy your experience instead of roaming around by yourself, looking for transport and lodging.

If you’re wondering what you can fish in Florida’s waters, you may want to know that the most commonly encountered species are: largemouth bass, yellow bullhead, bluegill, Florida gar, mackerel, porgy, sea bass and many others. I hope you enjoy your trip and come back next year!