How to dress when fishing in Florida

Above all, Florida is one of the sunniest locations of any fishing expedition that may arise. That’s why you may want to know that you’re prepared on all accounts and that you have all the pieces of equipment that’re needed in order to have the best performance and bring home as many catches as possible.


If you’re wondering whether the colors are important or not, I’ve seen that they rarely make a good consideration to give a lot of thought to, unless you choose bright ones such as white. I personally recommend muted greens, as well as browns, mostly because in this way, you’ll be able to become one with the environment, and the sun won’t reflect on your clothes and bother you when looking at the water or your target. You’ll see that most fishermen actually recommend dark clothing in order to blend as well as possible with the background, and even attract fewer insects, including mosquitos. Fish aren’t as gullible as we like to think they are, so it may be worth pointing out that they can get scared when spotting a large white and shiny thing waiting for them on the shore.

In Florida, some of the critically acclaimed pieces of clothing that can be found on the market today resemble the Columbia style fishing clothes that are rather common virtually everywhere. While some people argue that the type of clothes you will be wearing, their design, or their color may matter less, these details can be crucial when fishing in clear and still waters.


Clothes that offer plenty of sun protection are the ones you have to consider. Be sure to pack up on some sunscreen if you intend to fish in Florida, as the sun will be up in the sky for many hours on end. If you’re uncomfortable with sweating in your fishing clothes, it may be a good idea to look for breathable materials, even though these are less durable compared to their synthetic counterparts.


At the same time, getting a good pair of sunglasses should be one of your priorities. Think of this way. If you intend to sit for many hours waiting for that fish to bite, you need some sort of sun protection or else you’ll squint and cry all of the time. A high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses might not necessarily be reasonably priced, but you have to consider it an investment. Otherwise, you find fishing extremely uncomfortable due to the fact that sunlight can and will be reflected in the waters you’re in or next to. Additionally, maybe you’d like to get a cheap cap or any kind of hat you feel comfortable with. Of course, there are models intended primarily for fishing, but this is the area where you can do without high-end head protection, particularly if you sit in the shade.

These are the most important things I’ve found to be most useful when going out fishing in Florida. Hope these suggestions can be of help to you.

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