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My name is Jerome Swanson and I am a tourist guide in Florida. I principally offer guiding tours at the Everglades reservation. My main attributes are to show to groups of people the main attractions of the reservation, guide them into the wilderness, join them in various activities, but also give indications when necessarily. It’s not an easy job, as it requires you to be polite all the time, give your attention to several people at the same time and respond to their requests.

Welcome to Florida USA

Tourism is a field where you can get all sorts of questions, related to basically any aspect of the place you are visiting. The topic of the questions spans from historical events to mere curiosities. As such, you can’t afford to practice this profession unprepared. You must always be well documented on various fields and keep yourself updated on any novelties related to the area you are guiding in.


Of course, you need to master perfectly the subject you are talking about, so that you are able to explain it to others. Otherwise, you won’t be considered a skilled guide and you won’t attract people to come back to that site.  However, sometimes, even if you are the most experimented guide with years of practices behind you, it’s still hard to give the proper explanations about a place or culture. For example, it’s mighty difficult to explain the importance of the Pantheon to people who have no notions of architecture, engineering, or the Roman Empire.


The baggage of information that the tourists dispose of when visiting a famous tourist destination is crucial so that they grasp the meaning and importance of that location. Most of them visit a place because they’ve heard it is an important one to visit, without having any knowledge whatsoever about it. In these cases, it’s really difficult to make the information you provide them with to stick. Indeed, it is easier for tourists to entertain themselves when visiting a natural reservation, such as the Everglades, particularly if you compare it to the experience a normal person has when visiting an archaeological site. The difference is tremendous, as an historical site needs more than the simple image in front of your eyes to be properly understood and categorized.


So, to unleash my frustrations, I have decided to start this blog and write about the main problems that us, professionals in the field, encounter daily. Also, I will try to battle some local tourism problems related to disinformation by sharing posts about various places worth visiting in Florida, so that interested people get some basic ideas on what should they look for when they get at the wanted location. Besides, I’ll try to come up with methods through which we can make public interested and curious about natural reservations and other local monuments important for this region.

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