WHO I am

Hey guys,

Welcome to Florida!

That’s how I welcome all the people who go on my tours. My name is Jerome Swanson and my job is to help people enjoy the unique landscapes of Florida. I’m a licensed tour guide and every few days I take small groups of people out in the Everglades reserve or around the coast so they can experience some of the most amazing views and habitats in the United States.

floridaMy tours cover lots of areas of interest, from bird-watching to fishing and I’m always happy to help people have a great time. I’m also an avid fisherman and I do pride myself on knowing the best places to fish around Florida. I can help both amateur and experienced fishermen get the catch they are looking for while also providing tips on gear selection and fishing techniques.

If this short overview of my blog has caught your interested, I hope you will consider visiting it every week so you can find out more about my home state and the attractions it offers.